Club History

Welcome to Tamborine Mountain Golf Course

In brief, during November 1959, an inaugural meeting of 23 foundation members established the fledgling Tamborine Mountain Golf Club from the recently-formed Country Club created by real estate developer Alfred Grant as part of a residential subdivision. Previously, the available land had been cleared of mountain forest to create a dairy farm and the early days of the club were characterised by little money and hard work by many volunteers.

Moreover, the facilities have been improved over the decades and now offer golfers a satisfying end to a great round. Worth mentioning is the fact that Tamborine Mountain Golf Club was in operation many years before any of today’s Resort Style Golf Clubs were considered on the Gold Coast.

Today we have one of the best-presented 9-hole courses in Australia, it is highly-acclaimed and the top quality manicured bent grass greens are appreciated by all visiting golfers.  The course layout has been modified over the years and now the rolling hills and raised greens provide an experience that players find surprisingly challenging and exciting.

Do come along and try it out!

Leon Radunz, Club President

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