General Code of Conduct

TMGC regards proper conduct as critical to the functioning of the organisation. Members, Staff and Volunteers are to inform themselves of this Policy and abide by it at all times.

Failure to abide by this Policy: Code of Conduct is a serious breach and may result in (but is not limited to):

  • sanction
  • formal warning
  • removal from role
  • termination of membership
  • removal from the premises
  • refusal of service
  • disciplinary action
  • cancellation of contract
  • termination of employment

At all times individuals under the direction, control or membership of the Association or utilising Association facilities or services shall:

  • follow any lawful directive from the Management Committee or its delegates
  • abide by the policies, guides, teachings and directives of the Association
  • abide by all relevant legislation and regulation
  • act ethically and with professionalism
  • act within and abide by the authority provided by the Association and as delegated
  • act in the best interests of the Association

With respect to the Association

Staff and Committee Members must:

  • avoid any conflict of interest or conflict of duty
  • positively represent the Association and not take any action, or do anything, that may bring the Association into disrepute
  • diligently protect and appropriately utilise the resources and assets of the Association
  • work in a cost effective and efficient manner
  • be proactive and solution-focused in the resolution of problems and objectives
  • promote, adopt, and execute the approved strategic directions, values, practices, and systems of the Association
  • operate in the workplace in a safe manner, giving mind to personal safety and the safety and well-being of other users
  • report any incidents or observed breaches of legislation, regulation, the teachings, policies, or directives of the Association or any other thing that may be required to be reported by law or regulation, or of a risk or impact upon the Association and its interests

Other personnel must:

  • engage cooperatively in the best interests of the Association to deliver the outcomes as directed by the Management Committee
  • only use approved mechanisms for registering discontent and grievance and not incite, promote or participate in unapproved actions or events
  • show respect, cooperation, professional courtesy, and positive regard
  • not discriminate, abuse, harass, prejudice, or engage in any behaviours or actions that would harm, threaten, or isolate or would otherwise be considered inappropriate under legislation, Association policy, regulation, or general public expectation

Members and service users must:

  • apply best endeavours to assist in the provision of services and advocate for the best interests of members and facility users where possible and appropriate in a manner that is consistent with Association policies and expectations
  • do all things necessary to protect the privacy and dignity of members and service users
  • promote just and equitable access to services and facilities
  • apply ethical professional practice to the delivery of services
  • provide a safe environment for the delivery of services, giving mind to personal and public safety.

Other persons external to the Association must:

  • maintain the confidentiality of the Association, protect the intellectual and commercial property of the association, and not disclose or provide access to any matter that may be commercial in confidence either during or following the time of engagement with the association;
  • not take any unauthorised action to represent the views or position of the Association
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