Vets History

A Brief History – 1980s to the present

Formation in the 1980s

In the mid-1980s, a number of senior Tamborine Mountain residents regularly met socially for a nine-hole round of golf. A few of their number had experienced the benefits, and camaraderie, of playing in formal Veterans Golf Associations elsewhere. Therefore, in an endeavour to establish a Veterans Golf Club on the mountain, the playing group approached the Tamborine Mountain Golf Club committee with a proposal to create a Tamborine Mountain Veterans Golf Club. The ‘main’ Club Committee sanctioned the request and designated Wednesday mornings as the golf club’s ‘Veterans Competition’ Day.

Veterans Club Patron

The incumbent Tamborine Mountain Veterans Golf Club patron is long-time, Tamborine Mountain resident, Allan Rosser, who is also the main club’s Patron. Allan was the main club’s President for a period of three years,from 1976 to 1978.

In earlier years, Allan actively promoted the main club hosting a Patron’s Charity Golf Day in order to raise funds for cancer research. Successive Patron’s Charity Day events raised significant amounts of money, which were donated to the Cancer Council.

Foundation members

The founding Veterans Golf Club members were George Curtis, Jack Damon, Ted Davies, Bert Dawkins, Geoffrey Farley-Davies, Ernie Hallett, Keith Hallett and John Julius.

Foundation Committee

Other keen golfers also joined the club and with the increased number of members, an executive committee was deemed necessary. The foundation Veterans Golf Club Committee comprised:

  • President – John Julius
  • Captain and Secretary – Don Stewart
  • Treasurer – Ernie Hallett.

Queensland Veterans Golf Union – accreditation

The founding members were keen for the new club to gain accreditation with the Queensland Veterans Golf Union. However, the Golf Union required a minimum of 20 players in order for a club to gain accreditation. Therefore, the foundation members engaged in a word-of-mouth, recruiting campaign in order to satisfy the minimum-number requirement. When the required number was reached, the Queensland Veterans Golf Union accepted the club into the Association and allocated it to the Fassifern District, which initially comprised the Boonah and Beaudesert Golf Clubs. The Kooralbyn Golf Club was added later. In the early days after accreditation, Jack Damon, Phil Salisbury and Garth Thorsborne represented our Club at the Queensland Veterans District meetings, which were convened at the Oxley Golf Club in Brisbane’s South West.

Membership fees

Records are not available that provide evidence of the annual subscription in the club’s infancy. The 2018 annual subscriptions are set at $35.00; an amount that has been unchanged for many years. Subscriptions are linked with the main club’s fiscal year, which is from 1stJuly to 30thJune in the following year. Players wanting to join the Veterans Golf Club, must first be members of the main club and then aged 55 years and over.

Weekly Veterans Golf Competitions 

Early nine- and twelve-hole competitions

The early competitions comprised only nine holes because it was thought that 18 holes would be ‘too tough’ for the ‘older’ players. However, by 1988, the format was amended and the competition extended to a 12-hole competition; concluding at the clubhouse. Where else?

Eighteen-hole competition

In 1990, the competition was, again, amended extending it to its current, 18-hole format. Records indicate that the principal reason for increasing the competition from 12 to 18 holes was because of the difficulty in handicapping a 12-hole event.

Gender-neutral competition

Lady golfers were included into the Veterans Golf Club from 2014. Although their number is insufficient to arrange a separate Ladies Competition, a number of ladies regularly play in the weekly and annual Veterans Golf Club competitions.

Golfing Calendar

Golfing calendar – the early days

Initially, the Veterans golfing calendar commenced on the first Wednesday in February and concluded on the second Wednesday in December in the same year. The last scheduled match in the year was modified to a nine-hole competition, followed by a sit-down Christmas lunch, (prepared by each married member’s wife) for the members and their wives. The tradition of the Christmas lunch continues to this day, but it is held on a day other than the Wednesday Veterans Golf Day. (There is more information on the Christmas lunch in a later paragraph.)

Current golfing calendar

Owing to the earlier program of matches concluding on the second week of December, there was a considerable break before competitions resumed in February of the following year. During the break period, (mid-December until mid-February of the following year), approximately 15 to 20 players would continue to meet and play a social competition. Each player would contribute $2.00 to a prize pool from which golf balls were purchased from the bar (no professional shop in the early days) and proceed with a competition. The records indicate that the first field of 50-plus players occurred during the non-competition period of the 1991/92 season. Owing to the experience of the summer months of the 1991/92 season, the Committee accepted the reality that players were experiencing ‘golfers withdrawal’ without a scheduled competition. Therefore, the golfing calendar was extended to its current format with competitions scheduled from December in one year to November in the following year; concluding in time for the end-of-year prizes presentation at a Christmas luncheon. Some events, such as Eclectic and Putting Competitions, are also scheduled as first-half and second-half year events and are contested from December to May and June to November. The awarding of prizes for the first half-year events, culminating in May, is held over until the Christmas luncheon.

Competitions and Trophy Events

Veteran Golf Club competitions comprise programmed weekly, as well as annual, major, Honour Board and trophy events. All competition dates and formats are available from the Tamborine Mountain Golf Club web page under the links: >Members >Programs >Vets. Social rounds are also played on Mondays, as described below in the paragraph on ‘Skins’.

Formal Competitions

Weekly competitions

Weekly, Wednesday competitions comprise events such as:

  • individual stroke & stableford events,
  • two-person aggregate, four-ball better ball (4BBB) and two-, three- and four-person ambrose team events.

Shotgun starts

Competitions commence with a shotgun start for all competitors. Tee-off times vary with the seasons, adapting to the fluctuating sunrise times in order that the 18-hole round is completed before lunchtime. The seasonal shotgun tee-off times are:

  • 7.30 AM during the spring and summer months (commencing at the start of September and concluding at the end of April); and
  • 8.00 AM during the autumn and winter months (commencing at the start of May and concluding at the end of August).

The shotgun start also means that all players finish their 18-hole round of golf at, roughly, the same time. This practice enables all players to gather in the clubhouse in order to enjoy lunch together before receiving the good, and sometimes bad, news about how each player scored against the rest of the field. The foundation members saw the benefit of all players finishing at the same time because of the camaraderie generated by such a gathering. That tradition continues and in recent years, the committee adds to the merriment by publicly telling, at least, one joke before the presentations. Owing to the requirement to tell a different joke each week, on occasions, some jokes are inadvertently repeated. In the opinion of the 2017/18 Captain, Kevin Arnold, retelling of jokes to a group of veterans with an average age in the late sixties, is not a problem, because most jokes are forgotten from week to week. Therefore, the same joke is enjoyed multiple times!

Competition fees and prizes

The Veterans Committee sets the weekly competition fee, which, at present, is $10.00. The 2018 President, Tony Cole, reports that the $10.00 ‘comp fee’, which provides the weekly prizes, has remained unchanged for many years. Approximately $800.00 in prizes is awarded every month for winners in various categories, such as: Over-all winner, Grade Winners, Nearest-the-Pin, Approach Shots and the Ball-run-down. The members do not expect to win sheep stations playing in the weekly veterans competitions, but being acknowledged for a good round or good shot is appreciated.


Visitors, with a Golf Australia (GA) handicap, are welcome to enter all Wednesday competitions. Only bona fide Veteran Golfers (members of any state Veterans Golf Association) are eligible to win the weekly major prizes. Visitors are eligible to win Nearest-the-Pin (NTP) and Approach-Shot prizes.

Annual competitions

Special competitions are held annually for which winners are recognised with perpetual trophies, or Honour Board inscriptions.

Peter Dent Trophy

Doug Jones Trophy

Bert Dawkins Trophy


Many competitions are long-standing; being introduced in the 1980s in an era when it was common practice, for a club member to provide a trophy (maximum value $30) and present the trophy on the member’s named trophy day. The format, guidelines and/or rules for the Veterans Golf Club’s major annual competitions are available on the Tamborine Mountain Golf Club Webpage following the >Members >Vets links. The current major competitions are listed in the following table.

Tamborine Mountain Veterans – Major Competitions

Competition Name Year Introduced Presented by Event Type Award
Medal of Medals 1987 Veterans Committee A stroke event, contested in December, between all A, B and C grade winners in each monthly medal contested from January to November. There is only one winner. Honour board Event
Bert Dawkins Trophy 1987 Veterans Committee A two-round stableford event. The winner is the player with the highest, aggregate of stableford points from both rounds. Perpetual Trophy and Honour Board Event
Veterans Cup 1990 Veterans Committee A two-round, handicap stroke event. The winner is the player with the lowest, aggregate of strokes, after handicap, from both rounds. Honour Board Event
Doug Jones Trophy 1992 Doug Jones when he was club Treasurer in 1992/93 . In 2018 the committee agreed that the competition should be an Honour Board event, and with that names backdated to 1992. An individual, matchplay, knock-out event, scheduled over five months. Matches are arranged on days other than scheduled Wednesday Veterans Golf Days. A Perpetual Trophy and Honour Board
Veterans Championship 1993 Veterans Committee A two-round, gross, stroke event. The winner is the player with the lowest, aggregate of strokes from both rounds. Honour Board Event
Monthly Merit Award 1994 Veterans Committee Awarded to the player with the highest aggregate of weekly, merit points achieved in all competition formats. Points are awarded for results such as: the overall winner, runner up, grade winners (monthly medal days), best front nine, best back nine, nearest-the-pin (NTP), approach shots (AP), least number putts and ball run down. A $50.00 voucher from a local business sponsor. In 2018 the sponsor is The Manor Restaurant
Peter Dent Trophy 2012 Veterans Committee Awarded to the player with the highest aggregate of points accrued from monthly merit results, contested from December to November in the following year. A Perpetual Trophy

President’s Team Versus Captain’s Competition

A President’s Team versus Captain’s Team Shield, is housed in the club’s trophy cabinet. The shield’s history is not known other than it was contested, annually, from 1998 to 2004. The shield has space for another three annual competitions before it will have to be retired permanently to the trophy cabinet. If any member is able to provide any further background information to the competition, then please advise one of the committee. The current President and Captain may be encouraged to reinvigorate the competition and include it in the golfing program.

Major Competition – Prize Winners

Presentation ceremony

In 1993, when Peter McManus was President, he convinced the Committee that the club could, annually, afford to fund a catered, sit-down lunch (traditionally at Christmas) to be shared with all members and their respective wives/partners. This tradition continues to the present and is a highlight of the Veterans Golf Club’s social program. It is at the Christmas luncheon that the President and Committee announce and present the major prizes. Peter McManus’ foresight continues to benefit the members.

Informal Social Competition

Skins Competition – Monday Morning

In more recent years, on Mondays, an average of 15 veteran golfers meet regularly for an 8 AM tee-off, competing in an informal ‘Skins Match’.

Skins (traditional) format

In a customary, or traditional, Skins Match, groups of, up to, four players compete in a hole-by-hole matchplay event, with prizes being awarded for the player winning each hole. Players agree to the per-hole prize amount prior to the match commencing. The player, who holes out with the lowest net score wins, or skins the hole. The remaining ‘losing’ members of the foursome award the agreed monetary prize to the winner. When a hole is not won outright by one player, that is, the hole is ‘halved’, then the unpaid prizes, for the halved hole(s), is/are held over and jackpot until the next, or subsequent, hole is won. The jackpot continues until an individual wins a hole and therefore, skins the jackpot.

Veterans modified skins

Value is added to the Monday morning skins competition by increasing the jackpot’s potential by having all players compete against every other player in the field of players; not only members of the foursome. At the end of the round, all players congregate in the clubhouse in order to determine the skins winners from all competitors. As at 2018, the penalty for not winning a hole is ten cents. Much merriment ensues when ten-cent coins are passed to and fro between players when scorecards are compared to determine individual hole-by-hole winners. Players not winning any holes throughout the entire match will contribute (or lose) a maximum of $1.80 (ten cents per hole). If, at the end of 18 holes play, an unclaimed jackpot remains, then the winner of the last skin will be determined by a one-ball chip off onto a putting green; usually the third green. The winner takes the final skin. No sheep stations are won or lost, but it is a lot of fun.

Executive Committee

Role of the Committee

Since the Veterans Golf Club’s inception in 1986, members of Executive Committees have voluntarily given of their time, in order to ensure the club’s ongoing success. The Veterans Golf Club has been well served by the members who volunteered to be Committee members.

Member Benefits

The member benefits derived from the Executive Committee’s hard work are many. During interclub events, the club provides its members with generous subsidies. Members participating in the various interclub competitions, such as, the annual Peter Clarke Shield and John Goss (Super Seniors) Shield (both discussed later) receive a partial subsidy for ‘Green Fees’ as well as ‘Comp Fees’. The Veteran Golf Club Committee is also able to subsidise members participating in the annual Tamborine Open. And, since 1993, the annual, catered, Christmas luncheon, for members and their partners, has been fully funded. On occasions, the Veterans Golf Club has also provided generous financial support to the main club in order to assist fund many improvements to the club facilities; in the clubhouse and on the golf course. Very importantly, the Committee fosters the camaraderie, which exists within the club’s membership.

Committee composition

The composition of the Executive Committee has evolved since the Veterans Golf Club’s formation in 1986. Veteran Golf Club members are elected to the Committee at the club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is, traditionally, convened in August.

President’s Role

The President is the head of the Executive Committee and is responsible for overseeing management of the Veterans Golf Club’s finances, memberships and agreeing to the annual golf program to be passed to the main Golf Club Committee for promulgation in the Tamborine Mountain Golf Club’s Annual Golf Program booklet and on the webpage.

Captain’s Role

The Captain assists the President and is responsible for scheduling the competitions to be included in the Tamborine Mountain Golf Club’s Annual Golf Program booklet and on the webpage. The Captain also liaises with the Gold Coast Northern District Golf Association and other golf clubs in order to arrange for our club members to compete in interclub events.

Veteran Golf Club Committee Members – 1986/87 to 2018/19

The Committee members from 1986 to the present are listed in the table below. In some instances, names appear over many consecutive years. In other instances, some member names appear, disappear and then reappear in later years.

Year President Vice President Captain Vice Captain Secretary Treasurer Committee Members
1986/87 J Julius No Information is available for these years.

The position may have been vacant.

D Stewart No Information is available for these years.

The position may have been vacant.

D Stewart E Hallett Nil
1987/88 J Julius D Stewart D Stewart E Hallett Nil
1988/89 J Julius D Stewart D Stewart E Hallett Nil
1989/90 J Julius D Stewart No Information is available for these years.

The position may have been vacant.

D Jones Nil
1990/91 J Julius D Stewart D Jones Nil
1991/92 P McManus G Oakes D Jones Nil
1992/93 P McManus P Salisbury D Jones Nil
1993/94 D Jones P Salisbury Blank Nil
1994/95 D Jones P Salisbury Blank Nil
1995/96 B Hazell T Luckett E Staffsmith Nil
1996/97 G Thorsborn P Fields T Luckett F White N Goodrick E Staffsmith G French
D Hart
I Wallace
1997/98 G Thorsborn D Hart T Luckett R Noble N Goodrick E Staffsmith J Fisher
P Kerr
I Wallace
1998/99 D Hart I Wallace T Luckett R Noble N Goodrick E Staffsmith D Brodie
P Kerr
F White
1999/00 D Hart P Sturt T Luckett Unknown B Hazell E Staffsmith I Wallace
D Jones
F White
2000/01 N Goodrick B Hazell T Luckett B Mortlock P Thorne D Jones A Aird
D Hart
I Millar
R Noble
2001/02 G Wallace T Ashe B Mortlock T Luckett P Thorne D Jones A Hardman
P Morris
D Prout
2002/03 G Wallace T Ashe B Mortlock P Morris P Thorne D Jones A Hardman
D Prout
F White
2003/04 G Wallace T Ashe P Morris T Austin P Thorne D Jones K Castree
H Orth
F White
2004/05 T Ashe F White P Clark T Austin K Castree D Jones M Laarhoven
H Orth
A Meyers
2005/06 T Ashe P Dent P Clark T Austin K Castree D Jones H Orth
A Meyers
S Northway
2006/07 P Dent P Clark P Morris W Castledine K Castree D Jones H Orth
C Pearce
B Allen
2007/08 P Dent P Clark W Castledine T Austin K Castree D Jones P Fields
C Pearce
J Young
2008/09 P Clark P Dent T Austin J Young K Castree D Jones B Rigg
C Pearce
M Molson
2009/10 P Clark P Dent J Young B Bartle C Pearce D Jones G McConnell
H Orth
K Dew
2010/11 P Clark P Dent J Young B Bartle C Pearce D Jones G McConnell
H Orth
K Dew
2011/12 P Dent K Dew G McConnell B Bartle P Clark J Young F Bakker
C Pearce
M Buck
2012/13 M Molson K Dew G McConnell B Bartle P Clark J Young M Buck
T Cole
C Pearce
2013/14 T Cole K Dew G McConnell B Bartle P Clark M Molson M Buck
T Cole
C Pearce
B Woodbury
K Arnold
2014/15 T Cole K Dew K Arnold B Bartle P Clark B Allen T Austin
C Pearce
J Young
2015/16 T Cole K Dew K Arnold B Bartle P Clark B Allen T Austin
C Pearce
J Young
2016/17 T Cole K Dew K Arnold B Bartle P Clark B Allen T Austin
C Pearce
J Young
2017/18 T Cole K Dew K Arnold B Bartle P Clark R Barnes T Austin
K Fraser
J Young
2018/19 T Cole K Dew K Arnold B Bartle P Clark R Barnes T Austin
K Fraser
J Young


From the club’s inception in 1958, many veteran golfers have provided a significant, but not exclusive, volunteer work force for the main golf club’s many working-bee tasks. Primarily, the veteran members have retired from the work force and, as a consequence, are available mid-week to assist the course superintendent, to biannually core or scarify the greens (a task now done by machine), weekly operate the roughs mowers, remove unwanted pine cones, branches and sticks from the fairways, plant trees and periodically, assist main golf club members mow the greens and tee boxes. In the 1950s and 1960s, in the morning of a scheduled golf day, and prior to teeing off, it was not uncommon for players to assist with slashing fairways or dragging a set of gang mowers around with a tractor preparing the course for the competition. The club, as a whole, is indebted to its mainly-veteran volunteer workforce.

Veterans Golf Club Honour Boards

Presidents and Captains Honour Board

Presidents and Captains names are recorded on clubhouse Honour Boards. In 2018, when Kevin Arnold held the position of Captain, he acknowledged at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) that by holding the Captain’s position he was guaranteed of having his name on an Honour Board. Kevin jokingly quipped that he was glad that his name was on the Captains Board, because he had no confidence of his name appearing on any board because of his golfing prowess, or lack thereof.

Life Members

Periodically, in recognition of long and/or meritorious service to the Veterans Golf Club, the Committee decides by formal resolution, to bestow Life Membership on selected members. Each Life Member’s name is displayed on an Honour Board, but with the passing of the years, the individual efforts warranting recognition of Life Membership may be lost. The table below records a little about each member’s character, as well as the reason that the life membership was bestowed.

Tamborine Mountain Veterans Golf Club – Life Members

Life Member Year Honoured Reason Recognised
John Julius 1992 John is recognised for his outstanding role as the founding President in establishing the Veterans Club as well as for his efforts supporting the veteran members, lasting beyond his golf-playing days. His name, as well as that of a later President, Peter McManus, can be seen on water bubblers adjacent to the 7th green and 5th tee, respectively.
Ernie Hallett 1993 Ernie is recognised for his outstanding role as the founding Treasurer in establishing the Veterans Club, as well as for his efforts supporting the veteran members, lasting beyond his golf-playing days.
Jack Damon 1994 Jack is recognised for his extensive work on the Committee. He is further recognised for his Shield-Day preparation, when he would arrive early in order to rake bunkers, position Nearest-the-Pin (NTP) markers and lay cords on fairways to judge the most-accurate drives during the Shield competition. Jack also raised many thousands of dollars selling raffle tickets. Jack served as one of our club delegates to the Queensland Veterans Association and, with Phil Salisbury and Garth Thorsborne, regularly travelled to the Oxley Golf Club in Brisbane’s South West in order to attend meetings.
Garth Thorsborne 1996 Garth is recognised for his extensive work as secretary and handicapper. Garth instigated producing the Veterans Newsletter as well as capturing scores in order to promulgate the eclectic. (The weekly Newsletter continues to the present.) Garth was responsible for documenting the early history of the Veterans Club. Garth served as one of our club delegates to the Queensland Veterans Association and, with Phil Salisbury and Jack Damon, regularly travelled to the Oxley Golf Club in Brisbane’s South West in order to attend meetings.
Elton Staffsmith 2003 Elton is recognised as a member, who had the greatest single influence on the main club’s evolution. As a founding member of the main club, Elton was bestowed as a main-club, life member in recognition of his being a founding member, builder and long-term benefactor. After retiring from the workforce, Elton joined the Veterans Club assuming the appointment as Treasurer and overseeing the club moving into a sound financial position.
John Richardson 2006 John is recognised for his long service to the Veterans Club, his many years support for interclub events, consistent participation in working bees, as well as weekly, scoreboard preparation for a succession of Captains.
Richard (Dick) Jones 2013 Dick is recognised for his work on the Committee, following 11 consecutive years as Treasurer.
Peter Clark 2013 Peter is recognised for his decade of service on the committee, having variously held the appointments of Captain, President and Secretary. For many years Peter represented the Veterans Club as a delegate at the District Association. Peter represented South East Queensland as a district delegate to Golf Queensland and has a Golf Australia accreditation to rate golf courses.
Phil Salisbury 2015 Phil is recognised for his long-time support to the club over many years. (29 years as at 2015). During those years, Phil has been an active member, playing in weekly Veterans competitions, which involved a 50-kilometre round trip by car from his Paradise Point residence. Phil was Club Captain from the 1992/93 to 1994/95 seasons, at a time, when additional committee members did not augment the executive. Phil served as one of our club delegates to the Queensland Veterans Association and, with Garth Thorsborne and Jack Damon, regularly travelled to the Oxley Golf Club in Brisbane’s South West in order attend meetings. Phil’s commitment to his representative duties is particularly noteworthy because of his off-the-mountain residence, which necessitated many, long, after-hours journeys. In 2017, with other long-term members, Phil was acknowledged for his 20-plus years Veterans Club membership.
David Rankine 2016 David is recognised for his long-time support to the club over many years. David became involved with the main club through his Australian Defence Force service, when he was posted to the Jungle Training Centre (later renamed the Land Warfare Centre) at Canungra. David was awarded a Military Cross for war-like operations in the Republic of South Vietnam. David retired from the Australian Regular Army at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. David was a past president of the main club for a number of years. David was a visionary; overseeing tree plantings around the course of many Brush Box trees, which were intended to eventually replace the many unwanted pine trees. Whilst David was the main club President in 1985 and 1986, there was a representation for a takeover bid from an overseas interest. The takeover bid was unsuccessful. In 2017, with other long-term members, David was acknowledged for his 20-plus years Veterans Club membership.
Ian Grimsey 2017 Ian brought to the club, his experience in golf-course design and construction, having been the construction superintendent during the creation of Hobart’s, Barrilla Bay, Tasmania Golf Course, where he was honoured as a life member, and supervising reconstruction of Royal Canberra Golf Course. Ian is responsible for several alterations to the Tamborine Mountain Golf Course layout; most notably the 2nd green. In his youth, Ian was an excellent, all-round sportsman. Ian was adjudged as Huonville’s best and fairest player in the Tasmanian Australian Football League. As a fast bowler, Ian represented Tasmania in the game of cricket. Ian honed his golf skills in the 1950s in Tasmania, regularly playing with the Toogood brothers (Peter and John), regarded, at the time, as the world’s two leading amateurs. Ian’s ability to play golf at the highest level, in his senior years, is unique. Ian was born in 1932. During the 2015, 2016 and 2017 seasons, Ian shot his age, three out of every 4 rounds. And, in June 2016, Ian (aged 84 years) broke his age by an amazing 13 strokes. The Veterans Club president’s research with Australia’s golfing media revealed Ian’s achievement was, arguably, an Australian record.

Recognition of Achievements

Membership – 20 plus years

In 2017, the Committee acknowledged club members with twenty and more years of membership. As a tangible recognition, each member was presented with a Veteran Golf Club shirt, on which is embroidered ‘Veterans Member for 20 plus years’. Membership of this select group will grow with the passing of the years, but as at 2018, members reaching the 20-year milestone are:

  • Phil Salisbury – 31 years;
  • David Rankine – 30 years;
  • Angus Aird – 28 years;
  • Ian Millar – 26 years;
  • John Johnstone – 23 years; and
  • Richard (Dick) Jones – 21 years.

The Yellow-jersey

In late 2017, long-term Veterans Golf Club member, John ‘Jonno’ Johnstone, achieved a remarkable milestone when, during a Wednesday veterans competition, he played his 4,000th game of golf.

Whilst not all games were played on Wednesdays, according to fellow veteran, Bruce Bartle, the milestone equates to over 58,000 drives, 67,000 putts, just as many chips and pitches, as well as innumerable ferrets (chipping in from off the green).

In recognition of his achievement, the Veterans Committee presented Jonno Johnstone with a yellow golf shirt (jersey) appropriately embroidered with his achievement.

Jonno will retain the ‘yellow jersey’ whilst he remains a member of the club.

Tamborine Mountain Open – Champions

In 2013, the Tamborine Mountain Golf Club introduced the Tamborine Mountain Open Championship; a stableford event conducted over two qualifying rounds (Friday and Saturday), followed by a Sunday final. The ‘Tamborine Mountain Open’, as the name implies, is open to all golfers holding a Golf Australia (GA) handicap. The Open attracts many visitors. Tamborine Mountain Veteran Golf Club members, who have won the Tamborine Mountain Open are:

  • Peter Morris – 2014;
  • Warren Castledine – 2015; and
  • Kevin Arnold – 2016.


Some veteran golfers have achieved holes-in-one in their lifetimes, whether at Tamborine Mountain or other clubs. One veteran’s hole-in-one story is worthy of recounting. Held in conjunction with the Tamborine Mountain Open, the event major sponsor, Ray White Rural Real Estate, located on Tamborine Mountain, generously provides a significant, monetary prize for a Hole-in-One on the 14th hole. In recent years, the Hole-in-One prize purse has been $10,000.00. In 2017, Tony Hall, a not-so-lucky veteran golfer, played in the Tamborine Open, but did not achieve the coveted hole-in-one. However, the next day, Tony played in the weekly social skins match (described in an earlier paragraph), and achieved a hole-in-one on the 14thhole. Tony missed out on the $10,000.00 prize by less than 24 hours. By way of compensation (read pity), the Veterans Golf Club Committee presented Tony with a bottle of wine at the end-of-year Christmas function. It could be argued that Tony’s missed opportunity is a classic example that Tony ‘should have been there yesterday’. As an aside, Tony won 40 cents in the skins game.

Queensland State Veterans Foursome Championships

On three occasions from 2003 to 2006, Peter Clark, partnering with Ipswich Golf Club member, Bob Daw, won the Queensland State Veterans Foursome Championship. Well done to Peter.

District and Interclub Competitions

Fassifern District Shield Competition

From 1990, The Tamborine Mountain Veterans Golf Club competed for the Fassifern District Shield against the Boonah and Beaudesert Veterans Golf Clubs. Two team-event matches were played annually, at each of the three courses; six matches in total.

Northern Gold Coast District

In 1993, the Queensland Veterans Association transferred the Tamborine Mountain Veterans Golf Club to the Northern Gold Coast District, which comprised the Parkwood, Emerald Lakes, Tallebudgera and Gold Coast Country Club (disbanded in 2016) Veterans Golf Clubs. In later years, the Gainsborough Greens Veterans Golf Club was included. Still later, during 2005 and 2006, Arundel Hills Golf Club was temporarily included.

Interclub Challenge Shield

In 1997, the Northern Gold Coast District introduced the Interclub Challenge Shield. In 2002, the competition was renamed the Peter Clarke Shield after the inaugural District Secretary.

Peter Clarke Shield

Competing clubs

The Peter Clarke Shield competition continues to the present and is contested by veterans clubs from Tamborine Mountain, Parkwood, Emerald Lakes, Gainsborough Greens and Tallebudgera Golf Clubs.

Competition format

The Peter Clarke Shield is awarded annually to the club with the highest cumulative point score from home and away competitions held at each of the five clubs — generally one per month — followed by a sixth and final round at a neutral course. In recent years up to 2017, the Lakelands Golf Club has hosted the neutral round. The winning club, in each of the home-and-away competitions is the team with the highest average score returned by the top 50% of players, or when a club team entry is fewer than 20 players, then the average of its top ten players is counted.

The winning team is awarded five points; second place four points and so on to the last-placed team, which receives one point.As at 2018, with 13 wins, the Tamborine Mountain Veterans Golf Club’s name appears on the shield more times than any other club.

Captain Kevin Arnold, with some members of the winning team, holding the Peter Clarke Shield at Arundel Hills Golf Club on Friday 2nd November 2018.

In 2018, the final-round, neutral-course match was played at Arundel Hills. Although not playing at their best and finishing last, the team’s progressive-score performance in the home-and-away series of matches was good enough for Mount Tamborine to achieve it’s thirteenth shield win.

Tamborine –Terranora Shield

In the early years, an annual competition was contested against the Terranora Country Club, with whom our club had a close-tie relationship. The trophy was the Tamborine-Terranora Shield. Several Tamborine Mountain members were also members of the Terranora Country Club. Being members of both clubs, some members had the option of playing for either club. A memorable moment in the Shield’s history occurred when the Terranora President enquired of one, dual-club-member competitor as for which team his score counted. The member quipped that if he was scoring well, then his score would count toward the Tamborine Mountain result; alternatively, if not scoring well, then the Terranora Club would get the score. The clubs competed for the ‘Shield’ until 1996, when an administrator was appointed to oversee the Terranora Country Club, which then ceased operating.

Veterans Super Seniors Competition – The ‘John Goss’ Shield

Competing teams

In 2003, the Gold Coast District Golf Association introduced the annual John Goss Shield; a team-event competition for Seniors & Super Seniors (veterans aged 60 years and over) from approximately 15 Gold Coast clubs. Eligible Tamborine Mountain veterans annually compete in the ‘Super Seniors’ competition.

Competition format

The 15 clubs are spread across two divisions (Divisions 1 & 2) in order to compete in a round-robin format; each club taking a turn to host the other clubs in their division. Each club enters a six-person team, with each member playing an individual matchplay round over 18 holes. Matches drawn after 18 holes are considered to be halved. Hosting clubs do not participate in the competition at their home club.

Competition dates

The John Goss Shield commences in August and concludes in October with a final between the two top-scoring clubs from the round-robin matches. A ‘final’ is conducted at a neutral course, with the losing team in Division 1 being relegated to Division 2 and, conversely, the Division 2 winner being promoted to Division 1. Tamborine Mountain Veteran Golfers wanting to participate in the John Goss Shield are encouraged to enquire with any Veterans committee member. As a tongue-in-cheek aside, Tamborine Mountain players selected to play in the initial round continue in the following weeks but only for as long as they continue winning. Or, put another way, if a player loses his match, then another player is selected to replace the losing player in the next round. It certainly keeps all players ‘on their toes’.

Looking to the future

The Veterans Golf Club was established in 1986 by a group of approximately 20 golfing enthusiasts, who were keen to recreate the benefits and camaraderie of playing golf in formal Veterans Golf Associations, which had been experienced elsewhere. Over the years, the number of members has steadily increased with 78 members registering for the 2017/18 season. During that year, Wednesday golfing fields regularly exceeded 50 players. Added to this success, approximately 15 to 20 players regularly play in an informal, Monday morning social ‘Skins’ competition. The club’s future is promising.


In 1996, life membership was bestowed on Garth Thorsborne. Garth was recognised, in part, for his efforts in recording the club’s early history. Tony Cole commenced his Presidency from 2013 and continued Garth’s work. In 2018, the Veterans Golf Club Committee reviewed and updated the written history as recorded on this webpage. Members are encouraged to advise the Committee of any errors or omissions, which are regretted. Similarly, members aware of contemporary golfing stories and/or anecdotes, which are considered worthy of being preserved in the Veterans historic record, are also encouraged to advise any member of the Veterans Golf Club Committee.

Last updated in December 2018

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