Tamborine Mountain Golf Club


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1st and 10th tees of this 491 & 488 metre par 5. The 2nd shot is a lay-up short of the water unless you are very long off the tee. The 3rd shot is 120 metre uphill to a narrow long green

images/tee shot 1stT images/tee shot 10thT images/2nd shot 1-10T 3rd shot 1-10T green 1-10T

2nd and 11th tees of this 322 & 314 metre par 4 requires a well placed shot as the fairway narrows at about 200mt. The 2nd shot is uphill to a small green where you are hard pushed to find a straight put.

tee shot 2ndT tee shot 11thT 2nd shot 2-11T images/green 2-11thT

3rd and 12th tees of this 346 & 267 metre par 4 has a wide fairway. The 2nd shot is to a sloping green that is protected by bunkers.

tee shot 3rdT tee shot 12thT 2nd shot 3-12T images/green 2-11thT

4th and 13th tees of this 394 & 407 metre par 4 has out of bounds all the way down the left side of the fairway. A long 2nd shot is made all the harder with the down slope that runs away to the right. The green is large with a left to right slope, miss this green long or right you will have a tricky chip with the green 2 metres above where the ball may come to rest.

tee shot 4thT tee shot 13thT 2nd shot 4-13thT 4-13 greenT

5th and 14th tees of this 123 & 135 metre par 3 requires a well placed tee shot as the green is protected on the left by a bunker and miss it right you will have a 2 meter uphill chip.

tee shot 5thT tee shot 14thT 5-14th greenT

6th and 15th tees of this 163 & 202 par 3 requires a tee shot on the same side as the flag. The green has a tier running from back to front and splits the green with a 600 mm difference in levels, get the wrong side a 3 put awaits

tee shot 6th teeT tee shot 15th teeT 6-15th greenT

7th and 16th tees of this 237 & 265 metre par 4. For the long hitters this may sound easy, however the green has bunkers front right and the full length of the back. Running from tee to green is out of bounds down the left side. This said a well placed tee shot should give a great chance of a 3.

teeshot 16-7th teesT 2nd shot 7-16thT 7-16 greenT

8th and 17th tees of this 202 & 164 metre par 3. From the 8th tee the green is straight uphill with out of bounds running all the way down the left side. At least from the 17th tee you can see the green which slopes from back to front.

8th tee shotT 17th tee shotT 8-17 greenT

9th and 18th tees of this 491 &497 metre par 5. The tee shot is very tight with trees that look to be in the middle of the fairway. The 2nd shot is again straight uphill to a green that is about 30 metres above your head, only the very long hitters stand a chance of reaching it. The rest of us will be left with a 3rd shot of about 80-100 metres. At last you will find a green that is flat, well nearly flat.

9th tee shotT 18th tee shotT 9-18 2nd shotT 3rd shot 9-18thT 9-18th greenT

A few views around the clubhouse

putting areaT view from club house porchT club house porchT cosy corner in winterT rest and smoking areaT