1. Scott Martin says:

    Hi. Scott Martin from Pine Rivers. We are coming down again for the open. Players are Neil Dutton 41333202945, Scott Martin 4132201985,
    Katrina Martin 4132201985, Rayond Peter Garton 4132201890, Mark Mackay 41333200298, James Bath 4132201948, Russel Hawkins 4132202855.
    Playing groups 3 walkers in one group. 3 in buggies in other group. I have already booked 2 buggies. Tee time Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Will confirm tee times when I pay.
    Scott Martin 0488894477

    1. James Dunn says:

      Champion. Great to see the team from Pine Rivers coming back again and setting an early example. TMGC

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